Monday, July 1, 2013

(SSS Event) WhimZ Accessories

I love accessorizing my clothes with cute costume jewelry, as it adds character and definition to any boring wardrobe!! Not to mention that Trendy Fashion Costume Jewelry is extremely popular these days!! I recently came across a site that specializes in just that, let me introduce you to WhimZ Accessories!

WhimZ Accessories is first quality costume jewelry straight from the streets of NYC! Their prices are guaranteed not to hurt your pocket book but to help keep you looking fashionable!! Their jewelry and accessories, are accented with rhinestones, pearls, crystals, cubic zircornia and beads to keep you sparkling and looking trendy!! WhimZ Accessories has an awesome selection of Bridal, Prom, Vintage Costume Jewelry and everyday Funky Jewelry!!

As I looked through their awesome selection of Jewelry, Handbags, Watches and other accessories, I had a hard time choosing since they had so many awesome and beautiful pieces to choose from!! After narrowing it down, I decided to go with the Bad Ring and Skull Sunglasses!!

Bad Ring:
This is such a cute ring, it comes in two different styles, Black-Gray and Gold Tone with Rhinestones. It has an elastic stretch finger band that molds to any size finger and the "BAD" logo rests across three fingers. I really love this as it gives my outfit a pop of personality!! Or it could be a warning to some, as in a bad mood, stay away and don't push my buttons LOL. I mean we can't be good all the time :)

Skull Sunglasses:
I was really drawn to the Skull Glasses, because I think they are groovy, and adds a little of funk to my existing wardrobe! These Skull Sunglasses are embellished with skulls along the side of the frames, and comes in 6 different and fun colors, which include, Black, Tan, Green, Raspberry, Grey and Orange! I have a few skull baby doll shirts that goes really well with these glasses, and really pulls the outfit together!! Whether your into fun and funky or dark and mysterious, these will be a great fit for you!!

I have had lots of wonderful compliments on my ring and sunglasses!!!

Now, Some may not like funky fun fashion, but rest assure WhimZ Accessories has you covered!! They also have Cute Rhinestone Jewelry, Silver tone Jewelry and Beaded Jewelry and other styles of Sunglasses!! Be sure to take a look around, you will surly find some cute pieces at great prices!! Take a look at this beautiful 3 piece set below!! Guess how much.....Only $24 Bucks!!! How awesome is that??!!

Overall, I really love the fabulous Accessories WhimZ has to offer!! They have a wide selection of fashionable jewelry perfect for you, your princess or rock star!!!

WhimZ Accessories has two more shops, WhimZ Girl Clip Earrings and WhimZ Girl Brooches, so be sure to check those sites out as well!! You will definitely find something you will love!!

To learn more visit, You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!!

BUY IT: You can purchase the "Bad" Ring RG299 on sale for $9.99 and the Skull Sun Glasses PA38 for $10.00

Shipping: Shipping is $5 for First Class and $7 for Priority, no matter how many items you buy! You get a free gift with orders over $40 and a free gift and Free Shipping on orders over $100!!

*Disclaimer- I received the mention products free, for review purposes, this did not alter my opinion of their products. All opinions expressed are mine and one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.*


Shay said...

Love the 3 piece set! I don't do a lot of accessorizing anymore now that I'm older but my daughter-in-law does and she would love WhimZ Accessories. Everything seems pretty affordable. I'll pass it on :)

Julie Wood said...

The stuff at Whimz Accessories is really awesome and I like the 3 piece jewelry posted. I also think those sunglasses look so hip and I like accessorizing with different and unique pieces like these!

Mer said...

Nice variety! I really like the skull sunglasses, as it makes a boring accessory a bit more fun!

Brandi Dawn said...

I like all of their stuff. It looks like lots of fun, haha.