Friday, September 20, 2013

Hello Friends, Followers, and Fans!

First I want to apologize with the Lack of Communication, When I went to my dads, I was under the impression he had internet, which he didn't, so I was unable to log into my blog. But I do have great news and not so good news. Great news is, my dad did great in surgery without any complications!! The doctor said that was the worst and most painful surgery, but he survived it!! Bad news is the cancer is still in his blood stream. They want to start chemo, but are going to wait since he had brain surgery and kung surgery back to back like he did. So they called hospice to watch him closely. I'm still praying for a miracle!! I just returned home after staying there for a few months, just make sure he was able to take care of his self and to spend time with him. I will be returning to spend more time with him in two weeks, but this time I will be prepared and will have internet :)!!!

Second, I will be working on getting all my winners info into my sponsors today, If you haven't received your prize yet, you may be the few I was unable to send in, I do want to apologize for that as well! I haven't forgot I promise and I will work super hard that you receive it soon!!

Third, I have some more great giveaways and reviews coming, plus my baby event! I am a little behind and want to apologize to all my fans, followers, friends and sponsors!!! so stay tuned, I will have a few giveaways up today and tomorrow!!!

As always, I appreciate all of you, specially in this hard time I am going through right now!!


Kimberly Bauer said...

Praying for good health for your Dad. I know how hard it can be. Hang in there :)

Michelle Proper said...

Best wishes to your Dad! Will keep him in my prayers <3

JENNi said...

Thank you both Kimberly and Michelle!! That truly made me smile!! Ya'll are the best!! :)

Becky said...

I am glad to hear that your dad did well in surgery but so sorry to hear that the cancer is still in his blood. Keep your head up and think positive.. all will be well :)

JENNi said...

Thank you so much Becky! Means a lot to me!! :) <3

Lawna Noe said...

Don't worry about apologizing. I am sure everyone realizes life happens! I pray your daddy will get better asap!

Heather R said...


I am so sorry that you are both having to go through this, but I am glad that his surgery went well. I hope all goes well in the future and will pray for your father. Just take it day by day. :)