Friday, October 4, 2013

Win a Samsung Galaxy 4 By submitting your story!!

*Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post.*

When you use an unapproved mobile app for work you can get more than you bargained for!!

27% of workers who used unapproved mobile apps for work 
reported immediate and direct repercussions to the tune of $2 billion in penalties, lost business and clean-up costs. That's a lot of money!! Has this happened to you? If so, Tell your story and be entering for a chance to Win a SAMSUNG GALAXY 4!!

The purpose of the contest is to highlight outstanding exploits (and their consequences) by employees who have circumvented IT departments and used mobile devices for a variety of things - for good . . . or for bad.  Because we believe that businesses need to offer secure alternatives that employees will actually use - or suffer the consequences, which you can learn all about here. And the only way they will learn is by hearing your story.

Tell Your Story Today and You could Win a Galaxy 4 Phone!!

After submitting your story, a panel of 6 world renowned mobile enterprise security and IT experts and the public will select the winner!! Good luck!!

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*Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post.*

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