Monday, August 18, 2014

Truvia TruFan Lamonade Stand!! #Trufanstand

*Disclaimer- I am a member of Crowdtap and was sent a few items from Truvia for a Lemonade Stand and to Test out their products with others. All opinions expressed are mine and one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.*

I was recently handpicked by Crowdtap and Truvia to host a neighborhood Lemonade Stand!!!

The object was to build a creative neighborhood lemonade stand and serve Sweet Treats and Delicious Lemonade using Truvia, to spread the word about the #SweetSwitch!!

But before I begin, Let me tell you a little bit about Truvia! Truvia is an all natural sweetener, and is made up of three natural components, Stevia leaf extract from the best tasting stevia plant, erythritol, a sugar alcohol found naturally in various fruits and natural flavors. It is also Gluten Free and safe for Type 2 Diabetes.

The Truvia Baking Blend is also made with three ingredients, erythritol, stevia extract and sugar.

Be sure to swing by their webpage and check out some of their delicious recipes!!!

Now onto my Lemonade Stand!!

I was provided a kit that included 4 pairs of Truvia sunglasses, Truvia Spoonable, Truvia Baking Blend, 10 Truvia Cups and a $10 Gift Card for supplies!!

First, I thought about how I wanted my stand to look and what colors to use. I decided to go with Green and White, since that is the main colors of Truvia. Second, I thought about how I would execute the stand, I mean I am super crafty, but when it comes to building anything, it would look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

I decided to go with an old book shelf I didn't use anymore, figured it could be refurbished and be even "Greener"!! So, I traveled to my local Wal-Mart and purchased a few cans of spray paint, some fabric, Pitchers, lemons, a box of Truvia packets and a few other items. While I was checking out, I seen a pool noodle next to the register and thought that would be a great idea as my poles for the sides and even better the holes at the ends would be perfect for my curtains in my vision.

After spray painting the shelf and adding the poles, I decided to work on my cute side curtains. I cut out the pieces I needed and went to stitching.

My next project was to make a cute catchy sign. I again went with green and white to keep the color scheme all the same, how ever, I did cut two lemons out of construction paper and placed on my sign. It was ready to be put together!!

The next day, I decided to make all the sweet treats!! I made Brownies, Cookies, Pink Lemonade and Regular Lemonade. On each Brownie and Cookie, I individually wrapped each one and stuck a Packet of Truvia on each one, to give everyone a free sample to take home!!

To be honest, I have never used Truvia in any of my recipes before, so I was very skeptical at first! But I have to admit after trying the homemade brownies and homemade cookies, I am HOOKED!!! You can not even taste the difference at all!! Want to hear the best part?? You get 75% fewer calories per serving than sugar, by using Truvia!!!

Our Baking Blend combines Truvía® natural sweetener with sugar for use in our favorite recipes with 75% fewer calories than sugar. All without losing the texture or sweet taste you love.
Calories 5
Total Carbohydrate 2g
Total Fat 0g
Erythritol <1g
Sodium 0mg
Protein 0g
Our original Truvía® natural sweetener designed for use at home to spoon and sprinkle just the right amount of great-tasting, zero-calorie Truvía® natural sweetener.
Calories 0
Total Carbohydrate 3g
Total Fat 0g
Erythritol 3g
Sodium 0mg
Protein 0g

My Finished TRUFAN Lemonade Stand!

Everyone loved the idea of getting free sweets, by simply tweeting #TruFanStand!

We had a great turn out today, we had friends and neighbors that stopped by and even had a few neighbors we've never met even stop by for some awesome Lemonade and Sweet Treats!!

I had a lot of great feedback from all my visitors today! They really loved the treats and said they couldn't even taste the difference!!! A few even said they will definitely be using Truvia in their baking needs as well as in the Lemonades and Kool-aids!! Truvia was a huge success in my neighborhood!!

All the neighbor hood kids had a blast!! They loved the idea of having a Lemonade Stand, specially on this hot day!! They begged my sister and I to do it tomorrow as well!!

We even offered Drive thru service (lol) They drove by and asked for some Lemonade for their three kids in the back and them selves!!

If I could do this again, I definitely would! I thought it was awesome doing something fun for the neighbor's and the neighbor kids!! Not to many people these days, offer free snacks, (well around here lol) and it really made me feel great!!! Thanks so much Truvia and Crowdtap for helping make this possible!!!

To Learn More About Truvia, Visit their website at! You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

*Disclaimer- I am a member of Crowdtap and was sent a few items from Truvia for a Lemonade Stand and to Test out their products with others. All opinions expressed are mine and one hundred percent honest and true, your opinion may differ.*


Mary Gallardo said...

That stand came out great! I am sure all of the passersby enjoyed it!

freddie said...

Your stand turned out beautiful. I have to say I am going to try Truvia and see how I like it. But I will start out really small at first.