Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The 3 Must Read Reasons Why You Solar System Needs to Be Serviced

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Solar panels are rapidly growing in popularity, and it's obvious why this is the case. Solar energy is not only a cleaner source of energy, but it can save the homeowner a lot of money over the years. While the initial investment is a little pricey, the panels will pay themselves off in no time. However, you will need occasional solar maintenance in order for the panels to continue to work at their optimum potential. Here is a list of three reasons you need to service your solar panel system once a year.
Heat Hurts- The solar panels are being constantly subjected to direct UV rays, which results in the panels heating up and damaging the system. The plastic isolators on the panels receive the brunt of the damage and can sometimes heat up beyond 70 degrees. In order to keep heat damage to a minimum, a technician should come at least once a year to fix any damage done and protect your solar system from system failure.
Cleaning- As every homeowner knows, regular cleaning is essential to maintaining well-functioning appliances. If you care about a possession, then it's important to take the necessary measures to keep it in prime condition. Regular solar cleaning is no exception to this rule. With regular solar panel cleaning, you can increase the longevity and performance quality of your solar system.
Audits- About once per year, you should have a technician out to audit your solar system. During the audit, the technician will create a detailed report of all aspects of the system that are in need of repair. The technician won't perform solar repairs during the audit, but they will outline the various things that you can do to keep your solar system operating at its highest performance.
Solar panels are an expensive piece of equipment and should be cared for properly. In order to ensure they last for years to come, you will need to have the solar panels cleaned, repaired, and maintained at a minimum of once per year. There are highly trained Brisbane solar power experts who can help you tackle any problems you are having. Visit to learn how they can help you.
*Disclaimer - This is a sponsored Guest Post*

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