Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hi Fellow Friends, Family and Followers!!!

Hi Fellow Friends, Family and Followers!!!

I have missed ya so much!! I am writing to let ya'll know I am back!! Many of ya'll know I have been back and forth taking care of my sick Daddy this past year, well on Nov 1st 2015, he was called home. I think that had to be the hardest time in my life, since I was a Daddy's girl! But on a good note, I am glad I had the time I spent with him as memories! You never know when its your time to be called, so ALWAYS tell your loved ones you love them!! Life is so precious and so short! I'll probably will be sharing plenty of memories of my Daddy with ya'll along the way and along with how we struggled and coped with Cancer!! 

R.I.P Daddy!! 4/7/60 - 11/1/15

Anyways, I hope all my awesome friends on here has a GREAT 2016!!! I am claiming this year to be the best one ever! 
Love Jenni!

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Brenda said...

Welcome back! I'm so sorry about your loss. I'm Daddy's girl too. That's neat your dad liked to go fishing, mine likes to fish also. I look forward to reading your posts this year, and to hearing some more stories about your dad. It will probably help you to be able to share those.