Saturday, August 26, 2017

My Daddy's Poem

My Daddy's Poem 

I had wrote my Daddy a poem for his funeral. I actually got up there and read it, if you personally know me, you know I am very, very, VERY shy lol...Anyways I thought that I would Share the poem with all my awesome readers, along with some of his last pictures I got to take with him.

When you was laying in the bed, all I could do was cry
I pleaded and begged God and kept asking him why?
I wanted you to get better, I wanted you to be strong
Cuz I wasn't ready to let go, I still needed you Daddy to help carry me along.
Guess God needed you home now, so you had to leave us behind
I know you're Cancer and pain free now Daddy, that's why I don't mind.
All I have left are memories I'm keeping close to my heart
That way you'll always be with me Daddy, even thou we are worlds apart.
I will never let my kids forget you, my nieces and nephew too
Cuz I knew how much you loved them Daddy, just as much as they will always love you!
As hard as I am taking this, I know deep down this is Gods plan
Spread your wings now Daddy, fly high, high as you can.
But when I look to the sky at night, please shine bright
That way I know you hear me when I tell you I love you and good night.
Since I didn't get to say good bye this is the best way I know how
So smile Daddy, You're my Guardian Angel Now!!!

I love you Daddy and I miss you terribly!

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