Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tail Towns Friends Game Review and Tail Town Figurine Giveaway #TailTowns

Do you know the three top reasons why people play Facebook Games? Let me tell you!!

Number 1: Fun and Excitement. Most people play the games out of fun and for some extra excitement. I really enjoy playing games online and I do find then fun and very entertaining.

Number 2: Stress Relief. I find most games (not angry birds) a way to deal with stress and a way for myself to get out of the every day world for a few minutes ( or until I run out of game energy lol). You can find me playing a few of my favorite games in between my blogging breaks when I have reached writers block. 

Number 3: Competitive Spirit. Yes, I do have to agree, I really want my property on any game to be the best and to wow everyone that comes by. I also find myself re playing some games to achieve a higher level to make my place be number one on my friends places. So my competitive spirit does rise to the occasion of waning to be the best! 

I wanted to let you in on another very interesting fact about gaming, did you know that 70% of social gamers are actually females?? Yep, that is right!! I do have to agree, I get a lot more request from my female friends than I do from my male friends. I personally think that females use it to get away from the real world and stress of everyday life, I know that is why I do and plus I enjoy the challenge!!

Speaking of all this game talk, have you heard of the New Facebook game called Tail Towns Friends?? Omgosh, let me tell you about this new, hot, FREE Facebook game!! I actually just heard about it when I was offered to do this post, so I wanted to see what all the buzz was about. As I logged into my Facebook, I typed in Tail Town Friends and the App came up. I allowed game access to my page (for posting purposes) and began to play the game.

Upon entering the game, a story line popped up, as I read the Opera-like story and I was intrigued. I mean ya know, most games on Facebook really doesn't have a story behind them, this one does and a very interesting one at that!! It's all about a Mr, Rete that is up to no good, forcing everyone to be super miserable, and very hungry!! Country (your little mouse) has to put a stop to it and supply all the farmers in Greenwood City!! Do you think you can stop ole Mr. Rete?? Or is the Ole' Country Drama get to you??

As I started playing the game, I noticed the pictures are very realistic and very beautiful as well!! And the best part, you can still have fun farming and decorating like other games!! I love decorating, making my space the best (yes, this is where my Competitive Spirit comes in!) this helps you inspire to become a landscaping artist!! And they have so many cute things to help spruce up little country getaway!! The way too earn money and experience to spruce up your Country farm, is by completing goals. All the goals are located on the right side of the game, and very easy to complete!  So far I am on level 4, and started decorating, I still haven't cleared all my dead trees or grass off my farm, but hoping to by the end of the day!!  So I can start planning and decorating!! 

Wondering what makes this game different from others? You can purchase Tail Town Figurines and register your new code on the game and unlock rewards and exclusive specialty decor virtual item that will provide you with daily rewards!!  How awesome is that??!!

So what are you waiting for?? Check out Tail Towns Today!! 

A little about the Figurines:
The Tail Town Collectible Figurines are Polystone and fully hand painted with exquisite ornate details! Each figurine you register you can unlock the characters storyline of humor and drama and gives you insight of their secret life in Tail Towns!!

To learn more you can Visit Tail Towns Game On Facebook, Their Facebook Fan Page visit their Tail Towns Blog and you can also follow them on Twitter!!

Want to Win A Tail Towns Figurine? Check out How Below!! 

Prize: One Lucky J's Reviews Reader will win a Tail Town Figurine, from the First Series!!

This Giveaway is a little different from my normal giveaways, there is only one entry!! 

Entry: Tweet a message describing your "Dream Garden" or "Country Getaway" with HASHTAG #TailTowns

Then Come back and leave a Comment on this giveaway with your tweet Url. 

Giveaway Ends 8/13 11:59 EST, One winner will be drawn the old fashion way with Random.Org. Winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize by confirming the email that was sent to the winner, failure to do so will result in a forfeited prize and a new winner will be drawn. 

Good Luck!! :)

*Disclaimer- This is part of the Tail Town Friends Campaign and Tail Town is Sponsoring my Giveaway. All opinions expressed about Tail Town is my own and one hundred percent honest and true. Your opinion may differ from my own.*


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